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Until we finish up our negotiations for proper signage with the property owners, please make note we are in the FE Moran Building. Please park in any spots NOT labeled RERSERVED TMB. The entrance is in the brown brick building in the front of the property. Take the walkway by the 3 large Flagpoles. Healthy Foundations Inc. is posted on the window to the left of the entrance. Our office suite is the first door on the right as you enter the building.

If you have any problems finding our office please call our reception desk at (847) 963-6094.


We look forward to working with you and assisting you on your journey toward achieving your wellness goals. Let Healthy Foundations help show you the way.

Healthy Foundations is a Holistic Healthcare practice founded by two passionate bio-energetic practitioners. Our approach is non-traditional and the modalities we utilize are not FDA approved. We are not a traditional primary care practice; our treatments are natural and holistic. We certainly DO work with clients who have been prescribed traditional prescription medication, however we do NOT renew, refill, alter or discontinue any medications. Any changes made in your medications regime, need to be discussed with your prescribing Physician.

Our mission is to offer clients an alternative to the traditional medical approach to managing illness. The majority of our clients have had unsatisfying experiences with "allopathic"/Western medicine. These clients have repeatedly been disappointed and frustrated by the "bandaid" therapy they have received. Unfortunately, too little attention is given to illness prevention and maintaining optimum health verses merely attempting to "fix something" that has already broken.

Healthy Foundations has prided itself on continually improving our protocols to better serve our clients by providing multiple approaches to help direct clients on a path toward restored health.

Our adjunctive therapies include using Homeopathic, botanical and herbal remedies, digestive and metabolic enzymes as well as targeted macro and micro nutrients.

Our focus is on what is at the core of your health challenges. Once we find out the fundamental health issues that have contributed to the "dis-ease"; we are able to accurately address them. Our dedication to continually improving our client care has led us to develop a patent pending line of supplements and a state of the art software program that works with multiple bioenergetic modalities.

At Healthy Foundations, our goal is to assist our clients in creating realistic health goals and maintaining health and wellness throughout life. We live in an increasingly toxic environment, and restoring one's health depends on our body's ability to properly detoxify and drain harmful toxins that often are trapped deep within our tissue cells. Our bodies are innately designed to find their own balance point or individualized homeostasis. Unfortunately, when our bodies lose their ability to heal themselves, assistance is necessary to get the body back on the path towards wellness. At Healthy Foundations, our practitioners will assist you in removing damaging toxins, supporting organ systems and maintaining a state of wellness throughout the lifespan.



Office Address
2177 Shermer Rd.
Northbrook, IL 60062

847.963.6094 phone
847.963.6098 fax

Healthy Foundations uses the ZYTO Biocommunication software to help our clients. To find out more about this amazing technology go to www.zyto.com or click on the links below to learn more about how ZYTO Bio-Communication works.

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We welcome new patients.

All new patients are required to fill in:

Healthy Foundations New Patient Forms

Please fill these out completely and bring them with you for your first visit. These are in PDF format. Print them out, fill them out, bring them in.

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